Pastis drinks


Summer is about over, but your Pastis drinking doesn’t need to be. Here are some alternative Pastes-Related drinks to try before the leaves turn.

  • La Soleil (The sunshine) – with a dash of Lemon syrup
  • La Mazout (Fuel) – with, not even joking, coca-cola (normally asked for by Belgians) – be careful though, in Germany, a Mazout is beer mixed with coca-cola
  • Le Velo (Bicycle) – with a dash of Orange syrup
  • When you add Grenadine to a pastis, it is called a “Tomate” (tomatoe).
  • You can also add mint syrup ; it is called a “Perroquet” (a parrot).
  • You can add Orgeat syrup ; its name is the “Mauresque”

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