My Apple Hi-Resolution Lossless setup.

Without spending too much money I think I have a pretty decent Apple Music Hi-Resolution setup for both MacBook Pro laptop and also my iPhone.

  • FiiO Q1 Mark II DAC/Amplifier (around $90)
  • Apple Music subscription
  • Shure SE215SE (blue) (around $90)
  • A 2.5mm to 3.5mm cable (4″) so I can used balanced 2.5mm DAC output.

The DAC is small and has a micro-USB to Lightning cable so I can use it with my iPhone on-the-go. It’s pretty great, but I don’t want to stream too much HRL since that is a lot of data moving. My preferred consumption is while working on my laptop and my ears are free to soak in the Wi-Fi streaming soup of marvelous pristine quality tracks.

The set up isn’t high-end, especially for the earbuds – but those are more about getting a decent bang for the buck and maintaining ease of use. It’s been quite pleasing to be honest and I am very happy with it.

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