It’s been so long.

It has been about a year since I logged in here to do anything. Maybe longer. With the pandemic, life events, health issues, etc. I think you might be able to forgive me. I am still a developer at Bose Corporation in Boston, in Framingham. My office has moved around a bunch, but I am back in the R&D building now – which is across the parking lot from the Corporate Center on top of the mountain above the reservoir. The Corporate Center is that big mirror-like glass building you can see from the Mass Pike. The R&D building is a squat structure with a huge logo on its side.

Anyway – I have been writing a lot of C# lately for Unity 3D and Meta Quest 2 VR headsets. It has been a hoot. It’s my opinion that once you learn a few programming languages, they are all pretty similar in a lot of ways. So it becomes easier to pick things up and proceed as if you knew the language pretty well the entire time.

I wear progressive glasses right now – and so I have one pair for driving and also work, but I had to get a pair dedicated to screen-distance use. And I still can’t really get used to them yet. It’s been a month or so, but I really needed them a few years ago I am sure. Sometimes age does not carry with it increased wisdom. Yes, that was me. If I ignore it, things would improve, right? Heh.

Anyway, I just stopped by for a quick post – not that anyone will read this besides myself. Back to Visual Studio Code for a while tonight. Have a good one!

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