In this post-pandemic age of working from home and the general avoidance of some from others socially, personal style has taken a punch in the mouth.

When you’re waking up and questioning whether to shower or not, your style has suffered. You don’t change your clothing. You stay in your pajamas. You wear a baseball cap during video call meetings… or you simply leave your webcam off. It’s time to re-think what you’re doing.

Wake up and shower, take care of yourself, wear your cologne, and give yourself time to eat a decent breakfast. Brew some coffee – or jump in the car and get to work after getting some drive-thru coffee.

Wear laundered clothing with clean socks. Whether you’ll see anyone today or not. Donate your graphic tees. Toss your worn jeans. Wear shoes instead of sneakers.

You’ll feel much better about yourself. Others will take you more seriously in life. Start dressing your age and not like your children.

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