Thought I lost my earbuds…

On Friday I rushed out of my office to get home and start cooking. I almost forfeit my phone on my desk. So I alleviated a long walk back to my office from the parking lot. Excellent. I had a great weekend, did some yard work – but I couldn’t find my Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2.

I wore a new sport coat to dinner on Thursday night and the pockets on it are not deep. I had wondered if they fell out at the tapas restaurant. I take my buds with me everywhere now (instead of my Apple AirPod Pros). So I had to do my yard work without them. It wasn’t nearly as much fun.

I came into work this morning after I had searched my car to see if they slipped out there. I was fully prepared to order another pair – and considering the new Soapstone color variant (easier to see without glasses). I sat at my keyboard, ready to start punching in my magic URL – and there they were – sitting next to may keyboard on a USB-C charge from my powered monitor stand. Thank goodness!!

They immediately went into my ears, and I put some Leftfield on with Aware mode on in case someone dares speak to me while I go about my daily work things. A second pair wouldn’t have been the end of the world 🙂

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