Landscape Lenses

This is more of a note to myself really as I research into the world of landscape lenses. For the most part, while I am still an enthusiastic hobbits, ƒ4.0 lenses are alright. I don’t plan on photographing in many dark and stormy evenings or other low-light situations. I do like a constant ƒ-stop. Anyway, with so many lenses available I think I’ve found something approachable for me to try.

A wide-angle lens. 16-35mm perhaps. However it seems like the key to wide angle lenses is to shoot low, or with an object of interest very close to the camera – because the lens has the ability to make things look larger and more epic. So line up some layers of content low, or high – and use a wide-angle that way.

A telescopic zoom (anything over 70mm), so perhaps my 24-105 might be alright, but the defect standard seems to be a 70-200. And there you can zoom to crop your shots and use slightly more traditionally. If you’re a photographer, chime in by leaving a comment. I think I have a decent eye, I just need to know how to best use the tools without spending too much with trial and error.

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