Mac OS X SVN GUI client?

While I have heard many arguments around why git is so much better in many circumstances than Subversion – I have a perfectly functioning Subversion server running at my disposal and for the kind of work that I do, it’s perfectly fine. I don’t really pull many branches, I don’t perform many merges, etc. My projects are generally 1-off type of affairs, sharing code amongst a smaller team of very careful and prudent developers. We haven’t hit many snags, ever.

I did read this online (it doesn’t mention version though)

Stay away from Cornerstone for Mac. It has the worst merging known to versioning software. This software can sink projects for large companies. Stay away!

Cornerstone has a diff tool built in. I have Xcode, so I could use that diff tool with Versions.

I have copies of Cornerstone 2 and Versions. I prefer GUI clients for Subversion – I’m comfortable with the Terminal, but it’s so much easier and quick to use a good GUI to handle functions. I can see a lot more of what’s going on at a glance as well.

I started with Versions, and it works pretty well. Now that I’ve tried Cornerstone, I like it’s diff tool (which is nearly instant), and it feels a little more powerful to me.

Does one GUI client trump the other in your opinion? Without mentioning git, please.

2 thoughts on “Mac OS X SVN GUI client?

  1. Did you get a response?
    I’m in the same boat: small company, all Linux workstations, subversion running perfect and service all needs for years.
    New MacBook and need a GUI svn client.

  2. I have Versions and Cornerstone. I ran into a situation a while ago where some files locked when I updated – a fellow coder checked some stuff in and I updated the whole project. Some file got stuck updating and never finished.

    I used Cornerstone to fix the problem – and I’ve been using it pretty much ever since then.

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