Flint & Tinder Waxed Trucker incoming

I’ve spent too many hours and too many dollars chasing outerwear that I can purchase and maintain for a greta many years – and I have failed so far. I have a closet full of jackets and vests that I recently donated for those who need them more than I do and also to free up mental space in my home. I only need a few items really. Something for winter, something for Spring rains, something more formal, and perhaps the odd bit of WWDC kit I’ll retain just for the memories.

In light of throwing out many jackets, I am aiming to replacer them with something classic, something that will patina with age and use, something I don’t need to worry about being too trendy one way or another (even though they do seem to be popular right now). The flannel-lined waxed trucker jacket.It is coming from Flint and Tinder by way of parent brand Huckberry. I didn’t purchase it in the traditional Field Tan because that’s simply too common. I went with Forest which should go well with my increasing collection of grey hair.

I have a bunch of Filson hats which are all waxed – called tin cloth – and they are quite rugged and a nice change of pace when outdoors. I also have Filson wax in case some day down the road the jacket needs some upkeep in that department. I am hoping for the best – and a jacket that can take me through autumn into the murmurings of winter, and then out the other side into cool Spring. Every year. I’ll probably post something about it after a week or two of wearing it.


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