The jacket is here

My Large Forest Flint and Tinder flannel lined waxed trucker jacket has arrived. The color is spot on, being slightly darker than I imagined it might be – perhaps that will change will use and time. Now, the main attraction…

The Fit

I’ve seen so much bantering online in regard to the fit of this garment. Some complain they swim in their usual size, some say it’s far too small. Most say it’s spot on. I am 5’11” and weigh around 190lbs – give or take a few pounds. I try to stay below 190 anyway. I take a 16.5 x 34 dress shirt. My waist is a 35 in my favorite jeans. The jacket fits perfectly without much room at all for layering. I could manage something like a merino wool sweater over a t-shirt, but not a heavy sweater or a sweatshirt.

If I wanted to button it. Now, I could return this Large for an XL – but it fits really well as long as I don’t have to layer heavy. If I need to do that, I’ll probably opt for a winter jacket instead anyway (like my J├Âtnar or Rab). So I think I’ll sit on this jacket for now and wear the hell out of it and watch it patina. The weight of the tin cloth is perfect – much thinner than my Filson tin cloth hats. Much less wax too.

I pop the collar a little and usually do not button thew top or bottom buttons – and the fit is very flattering. Most guys wear boxy jackets that simply encase their body without much attention to fit. This usually means they look heavier than they actually are. With this jacket there is none of that.

Photos added later if I get around to it and remember.


I have worn this jacket since it arrived. And when I say that, I mean indoors as well. I’ve taken it off to sleep but other than that it’s a warm and extremely comfortable thing. I thought long about getting it because I normally like a little more formality in my jackets. And the price isn’t what I would consider insignificant either. But it’s one of the finer things I’ve purchased in quite some time. I may throw on my Iron Ranger boots later and take a short stroll through a nearby park beside a lake – soaking up the birch and the majesty of autumn doubled by their reflections.

Eric wearing a jacket

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