2009 AS3: Partition Slider Source

Back in 2009 I started to code up an AS3 partition (range) slider, that is, a slider with multiple thumbs. Three in fact. It’s not dynamic by any means.

There is a Document Class but it’s tied directly to assets on the Stage. So I am releasing this just in case someone might need one and has the patience or desire to re-code it to actually be dynamic and allow for a different number of thumbs, etc.

There is some commenting in the Document Class about the thing – what it does and does not do.  You could create a dynamic thing in an hour or two to suit your needs by writing a few more Classes – one for the control itself, one for thumb controls, another for a thumb dragging manager, and maybe some custom events, etc. Please don’t judge me by the source 🙂

Download Link (zipped files): 44kb.

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Adobe Topcoat

Adobe Topcoat. It’s out and available. Well. Most of it.

An Open Source UI Library for creating beautiful and responsive applications using web standards

Before going to GitHub to check out some code you can check out a lot of the currently included controls. I have no idea how long it’s going to take to flush out the “Soon” items, but since this is open source you probably have a good shot of authoring stuff and checking it back into source.

What’s there looks decent enough, although very Android-ish. But since it’s so easily customized that’s not a big deal. I plan on kicking the tires tomorrow and she how it fares. One thing I am personally interested in is switching functionality and styles based upon which consuming platform is requesting the rendering of elements.

Put a fork in it and twist it up.

Update. So I’ve kicked the tires a bit and using these controls is pretty straight-forward. My switch didn’t render properly and I’m not sure why yet, but in general these skins for controls are decent. Does this really need open-sourced? I’m not so sure something like this coming from a big company like Adobe is anything more than some chest beating about standardized experiences for web applications that appear more native looking. Or Android looking.

I’ve modified a few controls already and I can see myself adding different features in my own set. I don’t want to go too far down this path before I search around for other options as well. Topcoat is nice, but it doesn’t shout end solution for me yet.

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