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I’ve owned this domain since 2001-03-09. I’ve had all sorts of stuff hosted and served from it. A lot of that junk is still mildewing on this platter located somewhere out there. If I want the domain ericd dot com, it …

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I am fascinated by great scents. I don’t know why, it’s probably not that common amongst developers, but I am always on the trek to find a signature scent. When we travelled to Nassau, I went into a boutique and …

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It’s time. It’s been time. It begins now. My recent domain transfer and renewal got me to decide to clean things up around here… this subdomain is so screwed up right now that I cannot upgrade my WordPress installation and …

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Blogger has now instituted a non-FTP way of doing things, and on May 1st that technique of blogging will be tossed out the window. I could migrate and retain all of that information, but I have always been curious about WordPress and all of the nice things that can be plugged into it. So I thought to myself, “why not try it out?”

And so I have. I haven’t been blogging a whole lot recently but I have been pretty busy with things you might find interesting. So I decided that a fresh start would be welcome by both me and the public… (more)

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