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When we moved, I already had a Bose Lifestyle 5.1 system including bass box. However, our new living room has a vaulted ceiling (not too much unlike the image above). We have even more angles, however. And a taller ceiling. …

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I’m lucky enough to have access to both products, the Bose QuietComfort 35 and the Blue Microphone Mo-Fi. The Mo-Fi currently can be purchased from Amazon for $318.99 (discounted from $349.99) and the Bose for $349.99 (no discount offered). I …

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If you’ve made the decision to invest in consumer electronic products empowered with Bose SoundTouch technology, congratulations! If you’ve also adopted the Apple ecosystem of products and own an Apple Watch, I’ve discovered something you might find interesting. On the …

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I’ll preface this with the fact that I listen to music all. day. long. Every working day. iTunes, iRadio, and Spotify. Right now I am listening to Intervals’ In Time EP. On my Bose AE (around ear) w (wireless) BT …

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This is the very first YouTube video I’ve seen where someone ordered custom QC 15s and filmed the unboxing. Pretty cool.

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