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Cœur de Pirate – Roses 0

Cœur de Pirate – Roses

Album artwork by Hsiao Ron Cheng.  For some strange reason I’m sometimes drawn to music in languages that I don’t fully understand. Take Édith Piaf for instance. Her voice is soothing, melodic, and sometimes...


Newsted – Above All & Heroic Dose

Some times you need some heavier music, without being all screaming and bitter and evil. Jason Newsted’s band NEWSTED has a new album coming out (Heavy Metal Music) on August 6th. Singing that isn’t...


Rush: 5 albums for $20

I almost picked this up at BestBuy just because, but I already have about 3 different versions of these albums already on CD as well as digitally. Is this coding music? I would say...