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In my wristwatch rotation is a newly acquired 1949 Doxa (Swiss Made of course) with a sub seconds complication. Think about that. The watch is a mechanical wind that is 69 years old. It keeps incredible time for such an …

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When I first received my PAW1300T-7V, it had a medium charge. After a few days I managed to get it powered to high, but it must have been early on into high. I would get an atomic sync perhaps twice …

Casio Pathfinder: A key to atomic clock syncing on the east coast. Read More »

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So I thought I had damaged the outer ring of my watch because I saw some bubbles appear around it (very small). Turns out that there was still a protective plastic cover on that part of the watch. It was …

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It took me an email with G. Gerlach and about 20 minutes of using their supplied spring bar tool to install. It’s a sun blasted stainless steel (316L type) at 22mm. The tool Gerlach supplies with each watch isn’t bad, …

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You’re looking at getting a new watch and you want to know what you can do with it in regards to the elements, recreational swimming, etc. Here are some tips.

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She has arrived and here is my quick review on this Parnis homage to Panerai. The watch arrived in a decent black pleather long box with white stitching. Not too bad as I was expecting to see a ziplock bag …

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Update: After more than a month, I was re-imbursed and then charged again for the watch and received a tracking number that works. Whether two will arrive or it was never actually shipped to begin with I’ll probably never know. …

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