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[Swift] UIScrollView snapping into place like in the iOS App Store 0

[Swift] UIScrollView snapping into place like in the iOS App Store

I was asked recently to modify the UIScrollViews that I implemented in an iOS application design. The request was to have our scroll views behave like the ones that appear in the iOS App...

UICollectionView Tutorial 0

UICollectionView Tutorial

Linking up tutorial part 1 of 2 here. Another Ray Wenderlich thing, this time written by Brandon Trebitowski. If you’re tired of displaying things in a UITableView or would like the option to present...

A week of updates 0

A week of updates

This week has been a rush of updates and installations for me. Most excellent. Xcode 4.6.1 OS X 10.8.3 Dropbox 2.0 Alfred 2.0 DeskShade MBP Retina update Safari 6.0.3 Feedly Extension for all my...


My Review of Snow Leopard

Steve Jobs began working on the Apple Lisa in 1978 but in 1982 he was pushed from the Lisa team due to infighting, and took over Jef Raskin’s …


Liquipel Clear Coating

The Liquipel permanently bonds on the molecular level to your device, both inside and out, and is said to keep your phone working …

The Apple iPad 0

The Apple iPad

LED-Backlit IPS Display

The high-resolution, 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS display on iPad is remarkably crisp and vivid. Which makes it perfect for web browsing, watching movies, or viewing photos. With iPad, there is no up or down. It’s designed to show off your content in portrait or landscape orientation with every turn. And because it uses a display technology called IPS (in-plane switching), it has a wide, 178° viewing angle. So you can hold it almost any way you want and still get a brilliant picture, with excellent color and contrast. (more)