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Yummy + caffeine 0

Soylent is my required nerd food

Given our mornings at our house, I usually need to get moving without having to prepare and eat something at the table. This equates to consuming something behind the wheel of my vehicle. Now,...

Coffiest from Soylent. Caffeine costs $16 more? 0

Coffiest from Soylent. Caffeine costs $16 more?

I’ve been a Soylent 2.0 subscriber for a long time now. Since April on subscription, I’ve been buying it for a while longer than that. Soylent has now come out with Coffiest – still...


Ambronite vs. Soylent 2.0

A brief disclaimer: If you haven’t yet heard or read about meal replacement drinks, this post will make little to no sense to you.  Ambronite Soylent I recently decided to try these things out,...