Coffiest from Soylent. Caffeine costs $16 more?


I’ve been a Soylent 2.0 subscriber for a long time now. Since April on subscription, I’ve been buying it for a while longer than that. Soylent has now come out with Coffiest – still 400 kcal but now with the addition of the equivalent of a 16oz. cup of coffee. 50mg of caffeine. This is very cool – as I always have coffee in the morning and generally enjoy a Soylent 2.0 bottle in the commute to work.

The pricing seems a little wonky however. I get 24 bottles a month per subscription for $58.00 (a savings of $10). If I want to change it to Coffiest, the same 24 bottles will be $74.10 (a savings of $3.90). $16.10 more for the Coffiest. $1.50 more per bottle. I can brew my own coffee for far less than that and it can be whatever flavor I’d like from fresh beans. The bottle is beautiful I’ll add.

They have added some things to smooth out the caffeine delivery, so I don’t think they just dumped some caffeine into each bottle.

In addition, Soylent is coming out with a nutrition bar called Soylent Bar. 250 kcal and macronutrient breakdown of 38/43/19 percent fat/carb/protein. The bar is not available for order yet.

So will I change to Soylent Coffiest? Probably not right now. I’ll wait for some reviews online and then get a box of 12 or something before I commit.

I am still waiting for Huel to make it to the United States (delivery restricted by the F.D.A. at the moment). I also like Ambronite quite a lot, even with it tasting like chlorophyll mixed with nuts. Very expensive.

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