It’s moss scuttle time. 

It’s been quite cold lately. If you like to lather in a bowl with a brush and you’d like warm lather, get yourself a scuttle. Amazing.

Yummy + caffeine 0

Soylent is my required nerd food

Given our mornings at our house, I usually need to get moving without having to prepare and eat something at the table. This equates to consuming something behind the wheel of my vehicle. Now,...

The horror. 0

The horror of Xcode project errors.

We have all been there, right? You design the UI, you’ve planned out the architecture and how your application will work. Days go by and you’ve got things nailed down tight. Interactions are smooth,...

Kitchen table 0

By-Tor and the Snow Dog (snow day)

Macbook Pro Retina, Apple Watch, RayBan sunglasses, Bose QuietControl 30, Muffin House winter seasonal coffee, Xcode, and SoundTouch tunes drifting from the Bose SoundTouch 300 sound bar in the living room nearby. My code...

Speed with caution 0

watchOS3 communication to iOS (speed)

Recently I was working with watchOS 3 and iOS – transferring data back and forth (not using reply callbacks). I was using .sendMessage, and messages from the iPhone to the watch were very quick....

Processing 0

Late to the party: Processing

Welcome, 2017! Before our company break, I was getting into Processing as a visualization method for audio playback. Processing has been around for a really long time, I even have an old book that...

Gimli and his beard 0

Dirty beards?

Somehow my wife was directed to a web page that states “Apparently beards are filled with fecal bacteria and are ‘as dirty as toilets’”. Okay… this has to be some kind of joke or...