Swift: Animating a mask for a UIView

I recently stumbled upon a really excellent article online entitled “UIDynamics, UIKit or OpenGL? 3 Types of iOS Animations For the Star Wars.” A lot of great discussion about performance of interesting techniques in a iOS user interface. I read through it and without going to the Github repository to check out any code I […]

[Swift] UIScrollView snapping into place like in the iOS App Store

I was asked recently to modify the UIScrollViews that I implemented in an iOS application design. The request was to have our scroll views behave like the ones that appear in the iOS App Store. Here is a screen capture of that ribbon to familiarize you with the scroll view in question. Alright. In short […]

Cœur de Pirate – Roses

Album artwork by Hsiao Ron Cheng.  For some strange reason I’m sometimes drawn to music in languages that I don’t fully understand. Take Édith Piaf for instance. Her voice is soothing, melodic, and sometimes bird-like. In a language I studied for a few years in high school. Which means it turns into background entrancement for […]