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Keeping your developer castle organized

A little bit about how I work. There are a few important things I do while working on any project. I document design and development decisions in my personal customized wiki. I work with...

Oof! 0

Sometimes it’s not you, it’s them.

You’re beating your head against the wall. The table. Your monitor. Your console is laughing at you. Something isn’t undefined. It’s not an empty string. It’s just… something. You spend a warm hour looking...

Jquery 0

Sometimes Javascript is the ticket.

I’ve been living in Swift iOS, watchOS, and tvOS land for quite some time. Today I wanted to make a prototype of something implementing some public API. GETs and POSTs of goodness. A rich...


It’s moss scuttle time. 

It’s been quite cold lately. If you like to lather in a bowl with a brush and you’d like warm lather, get yourself a scuttle. Amazing.

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Soylent is my required nerd food

Given our mornings at our house, I usually need to get moving without having to prepare and eat something at the table. This equates to consuming something behind the wheel of my vehicle. Now,...