An Ancient Egyptian healing temple that uses sound waves.

I either had an extremely vidid dream or I am remember some sort of documentary that took place near Abydos in Egypt in a serene location. A large room with 4 walls – open to the sky. The walls were about 20′ tall. In one of the walls was a large circular cutout – allowing one to see through it, the edges sculpted in a fashion where you could see small ridges along the edges. In the middle of the room, rising from the sand-covered floor, was a single table structure – large enough for a person to lay down upon. A single rectangular platform below it – allowing the single stone slab to reside about four feet from the floor.

A large horn of metal, bone, and covered with fabric wrappings resides to the side of the building – allowing its sound to flow through the opening in the building. Based on this layout, it was assumed that this configuration could affect the flesh of man – to some kind of medical benefit. Think sonic wave creation, direction, and some type of amplification. Not to a specific, precise location – but to resonate something within a body in general as a means of therapy.

I’ve never shaken this memory from my mind – and it seems as though I observed this in the past somehow. Somehow based in a reality. I’ve gone online and searched for evidence of such a place, anywhere (not Egyptian or ancient) and I have not found anything. Was it from a movie? A book I read? Something to do with Omm Sety? Or is it some universal memory burned into my being that wants to be rediscovered somehow for some good or historical point of interest. I might construct a 3D model of this b building to my best memory. I’m not sure what good could come from it. Probably nothing.

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