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Much of Xcode is wonderful to use in my opinion. You can dig and dig and dig and still find new things in there. However, there are aspects that induce sphincter tightening just thinking about it (without version control). Anything …

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So now that iOS 7 is finally out – it took me a little while to get used to the aesthetics and I only have nits with default button hit-area designation (there is none) & the appearance of UIPickers (really?!) …

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Xcode 4 Cookbook at PACKT Publishing Steven F. Daniel has a book out called Xcode 4 Cookbook.┬áIt’s available in paperback and e-formats. Overview Learn how to go about developing some simple, yet powerful applications with ease using recipes and example …

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NSLog is a good debugging tool some of the time. Coming from AS3 I am quite used to trace statements, and even fancy AIR solutions for runtime tracing and variable lookups and tweaking. I realize that NSLog isn’t the best …

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Linking up tutorial part 1 of 2 here. Another Ray Wenderlich thing, this time written by Brandon Trebitowski. If you’re tired of displaying things in a UITableView or would like the option to present the same list materials in various …

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I’ll admit that this previous Cocoaheads Boston meeting got me thinking about Auto Layout again. I tried it in the past on my own and found it too different from springs and struts that I simply converted my ViewController to …

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This week has been a rush of updates and installations for me. Most excellent. Xcode 4.6.1 OS X 10.8.3 Dropbox 2.0 Alfred 2.0 DeskShade MBP Retina update Safari 6.0.3 Feedly Extension for all my copies of Safari

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October 5 National Xcode Developers Day. Spread the word. The date is pretty obvious.

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My brief travels around Xcode project behaviors after it was kicking me squarely in the balls.

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I must be pretty daft to nearly lose my mind every time I want to use NSNotificationCenter on the iPhone… for uses beyond a basic method call someplace in the wild. I want to send information. I am posting this …

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