Xcode & Cylance Protect woes…

My company takes security very seriously. My work laptop had something called Cylance Protect installed on it by our IT department – after I installed Xcode 12 on it. I have been using Xcode for ages without any issues. Big Sur, building to my iPhone running iOS 14.6.

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to try the Xcode 13 beta out. So I downloaded that beast and installed it. Cylance threw up some notifications I barely noticed and when I launched Xcode 13 beta, it complained that it was missing a plug-in and couldn’t proceed. Hmmm. I googled around and tried a few straight-forward things like install some packages that were in the Xcode 13 beta bundle. That did not work.

Oh well, I thought, not worth any more effort, so I uninstalled the beta. I went to launch my regular Xcode 12 and ran into the plug-in issue. Uh oh. Fuck. 12 and b13 shared stuff. I launched Xcode 12 from the Terminal and saw a lot of output spew forth mentioning code signing issues and frameworks not being present. Cylance had quarantined a bunch of files associated with Xcode. Since Cylance is installed for all users I couldn’t just make another account and use that to install Xcode without having Cylance present. I contacted IT and created a ticket. Hours went by without a hint of process on them doing something to allow my Xcode to run again.

My older laptop! I’ll use that – it has Xcode on it. I am working with Bluetooth and I can’t use a simulator, that’s okay. I can’t build to my phone because the Xcode on that laptop can’t support that iOS and it can’t run Big Sur which is needed to run the latest shipping Xcode. Fuck. So I have to wait for IT to do something with Cylance in the cloud and free up my Xcode to allow it to run. Or… $5 they say I need to wipe my laptop clean and re-install the OS… which won’t help because the problem seems to be with the anti-virus software screwing with Xcode files.

This sucks…

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