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Swift Shadow Examples 0

Swift Shadow Examples

I recently came across an interesting article online where the original developer offered a Github repository of examples of various shadows. I cannot now remember the website that I visited, but I remember the code...

Near Lock is really nice. 0

Near Lock is really nice.

The idea of having a BLE-enabled proximity lock & unlock for a work computer is a really good one. I generally have quite confidential information displaying on my monitors at any given time throughout the...

iOS app: Lookout 0

iOS app: Lookout

I don’t often mention applications here, hell… I don’t post very often here. But I just downloaded and tried a sweet, free iOS application that I’d like to tell you about.

SwiftKey rocks 0

SwiftKey rocks

This post is from iOS using SwiftKey. Swype is awesome too for entering text on an iOS device. Overall I am extremely happy with iOS 8. My iPad mini has been trying to update...

Apple’s Automatic Station Tuning Patent 0

Apple’s Automatic Station Tuning Patent

It’s not here, but Apple was awarded a patent for it. I’ve been personally waiting for something like this for a while. Apple knows enough about our behaviors at this point to be able...

iBeacons development… speed 2

iBeacons development… speed

So now that iOS 7 is finally out – it took me a little while to get used to the aesthetics and I only have nits with default button hit-area designation (there is none)...


Xcode 4 Cookbook

Xcode 4 Cookbook at PACKT Publishing Steven F. Daniel has a book out called Xcode 4 Cookbook. It’s available in paperback and e-formats. Overview Learn how to go about developing some simple, yet powerful applications...