Sign up for WWDC Blast

If you’ve missed out on getting tickets at face value in the past for WWDC – sign up for WWDC Blast.

Sign Up for WWDC Blast

You’ll get an SMS delivered to your phone as soon as Apple updates it’s WWDC page – which is assumed to be the announcement hint for the dates and the ability to purchase tickets. If you buck up a little you can also receive a phone call. You can also pay to move up the queue – yes, there is a notification queue.

I’ve seen plenty of local tools and ways people have come up with to determine and alert them of a change in status of the WWDC page Apple hosts. This is a service and will save you some time and energy on your own to get notified as soon as possible. I’m going to try it this year.

Last year I was able to get tickets, but only because Apple announced early in the morning on the east coast – and thus I didn’t need to compete with those on the west coast. I am hoping for some luck this year as well.

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