iPhone 6 Plus in the house

After playing with an iPhone 6 Plus for a day at work and not liking it, I was set on not picking one up. I visited my local Apple Store a few times and tried to like the iP6+ and I wasn’t able to convince myself to get one. The day I finally went in to pull the trigger, I picked up an iP6+ 64GB variant.

What? Yup.

The iPhone 6 alone is slightly larger than my previous model iPhone 5. It has the Touch ID. It has Apple Pay capabilities. It didn’t have the better battery or better image stabilization. I use my phone mostly for data consumption, not actually making calls. Probably like a majority of people using smart phones of any type. So I decided to go big or go home. I went big.

Initial impressions. It’s taken about a day getting used to the larger form factor. It really hasn’t slowed me down at this point. The screen is glorious. Touch ID to bypass my PIN is a joy. The split-screen capabilities for apps that currently support it is wonderful. I wonder if I’ll use my iPad Mini as much now. The iP6+ is indeed a lot snappier than my previous model (so would the iP6), the photos are really superb.

I have a case coming. I am super happy with this new phone. My kids will love gaming on it from time to time too.

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