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I have been buried in Android Studio for the past several months. Learning that from scratch didn’t come without it’s challenges and brief excitement. But I’ve really grown to loath Android development for many reasons that I won’t go into here. It’s negative, so I’ll try to avoid thinking those thoughts.

I fired up the latest Xcode this past week to create a Universal iOS application for a simulation and to test out some ideas forĀ a touch-gesture friendly device. I let out a calming “Ahhh…” as soon as the welcome file-picker revealed itself. Some complain about the tool (notably those who use Visual Studio). If I don’t need to dive into the tricky guts of things and stay floating along pretty much at the comfortable surface, the tool rocks for me. It actually makes me happy while using it.

For this project, because of the speed I need to develop, I’ve steered clear of using Swift. I didn’t want to spend the time to convert the thinking for Swift. I honestly like nearly everything about Objective-C… not caring how old the language really is. But I see the excitement and the modern Swift and I know I’ll be converting to it as my main developmental language choice. I just need to spend the cycles learning it before I develop with it. Perhaps I’ll convert a non-essential application sometime just to see how it goes.

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