NSNotificationCenter userInfo

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3 Responses

  1. johnny_g says:

    Just wondering, what are the advantages for this then creating a custom delegate?

  2. Eric Dolecki says:

    Well, for one thing, I don’t need to create files to include – I just rely on NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter for picking up the slack for me. Most of the time my Classes folder is pretty well populated and it becomes a mess thinking about what is where, includes, etc.

    I think that custom delegates are certainly a great option. But when you want to be lazy, they are busy work. Just my opinion.

  3. Anthony says:

    And with notifications, it’s ‘one-to-many’ communication without any close binding that delegates imply: object A can tell anyone who’s interested that ‘X’ has happened, and doesn’t care if anyone’s listening, or thousands are listening. It’s the job of the intermediate notification center to care about that detail.

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