Thoughts about custom iOS controls

There was a time for flat design. I believe that time should start leaving the toolbox of many a visual designer. Mobile devices easily rival the power of computing products from a few years ago – able to render at ridiculous frame rates with exceptional color quality and clarity. Design became flat years ago -= losing its soul in the process. Skeuomorphism became taboo for several reasons – but I believe that the care and the craft that went into Skeuomorphic designs were engaging and often beautiful. They connected people with the screens they held in their hand. Small shadows. Attention to detail. Consideration. Providing a unique experience that was looked at from different lenses of evaluation.

Let’s bring those design days back.

I had a few thoughts about a design system that starts to bring back the notion of carefully considered elements – without going full-bore skeuomorphic (to start). We should all take it upon ourselves to fight for beautiful design that exudes more class and sophistication than stock operating system controls and flat color radius treatments on everything.

Something I was tooling around with in response to some of the lackluster visuals I have been seeing for the past several years. Baby steps. Something to slowly consider. A direction. A feeling. A purpose. Engagement. A start,.

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