Bose QC Ultra Open Earbuds are here!

Ten minutes ago a UPS truck dropped off a small package on my doorstep and it’s already made me smile. My White Smoke Bose QC Ultra Open Earbuds have arrived. I have been waiting patiently for these for some time. I enjoy listening to music through the day while I am working, and when I am on Teams calls I enjoy transparency… but everything I’ve tried has been good to almost great – but still lacking in regard to excellent self voice. That means when I am on a call, if I can’t Hera myself clearly – it makes communication feel a bit removed and artificial. Open ear allows for this to take place naturally.

But how is the audio? My ear canal remains free from obstruction and auditory seals. I had some Millie B. from a previous session start playing but I changed that quickly for Rush’s Signals Remastered (40th Anniversary). How did it sound?

I have to say I was impressed and even surprised. It can’t replacer a banded or fully-inserted earbud in regard to fidelity – but it’s close enough to sound really good. Without losing the audio of my natural surroundings. I am using Immersive Audio which makes things different enough to be pleasing. There is enough bass to hear – which is pretty remarkable when you think about the drivers providing the sound & their locations.

I have yet to try them on an actual call. Just make sure you have them on your ears in the correct position, about a 45ยบ angle from the floor behind your earlobes & they microphones should be pointing in the correct direction. You wouldn’t be able to travel on a plane, a loud train – or mow the lawn while wearing these without cranking the volume. For any other tasks they should be quite good.

I haven’t found Auto Volume yet, but I am running 18.6 on the buds and the Bose Music app started downloading a firmware update for them – so perhaps after they update that feature will reveal itself.

Who are these for? Someone who would like audio experiences while maintaining CLEAR listening to their environment. It’s not good for noisy environments since there is no noise cancelation whatsoever.

A few great use cases:

  • Practicing a musical instrument where you have a source reference playing
  • Working in a cafe that isn’t too loud
  • On video and cell calls where hearing yourself makes for a natural experience
  • chores around the house where you can still hear doorbells, a dryer alarm, or audio cues
  • cooking around family where you can maintain conversatiuons easily
  • Watching sports on TV or online while listening to a locally streamed sports radio station
  • Gardening while listening to an audiobook
  • You have sensitive ears, you have an ear infection, you can’t find normal buds that fit properly
  • Running/jogging/hiking/mountain biking where you like the safety of environmental awareness
  • Beside a pool (not swimming) to be able to hear kids playing and be able to check on them easier
  • Meditation or immersive yoga that can be broken when needed without stressing about being interrupted suddenly

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