Ideas for Keurig

I am a devoted fan of the coffee bean and all of the magic it brings to my life. Yes – I have an Aeropress, an Espro French Press, an antique Italian Moka, a Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe, pour-overs, and a big old Keurig. And I have a few ideas for the Keurig based on my use of other tools.


One of the concerns I sometimes have is water quality. How long has it been sitting in its reservoir? Was it hard to begin with? Should I be using only distilled water? When was the last time I cleaned (de-scaled)? I could have amazing beans, but the water could nullify a lot of its goodness.

Would water agitation provide an owner any kind of reassurance? Even if it was only implied? If I saw gentle bubbles in the water, being slowly pumped through, would that make people more confident in their water? Would some type of electrical treatment of the water as its being pulled remove minerals and toxins from the water? Could the unit have its own dedicated high-flow filter system?


There are K-Cups galore. But they aren’t great for the planet. I think I’ve heard about pressed paper cups – but what if you want to use premium beans and grind them right then and there. You have to put them into a cup. What if you could put your cup into an accessory and that would grind, fill, and pack your cup with your premium coffee. You could tell the system what kind of coffee, and it could adjust brew time, pressure, and temperature. You’d get convenient coffee rivaling other methods!

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