A flood of ideas

This morning I awoke a bit later than I normally do during the week. Much to my benefit, as when I awoke and my morning automation triggered with the rendering of All Hail the Silence’s album titled ““. Nothing too out of the ordinary for my IOT=powered nerd home. But this morning it hit a little differently. The retro-inspired keyboards and the lifting vocals triggered something as I swung my legs over the side of the bed.

My mind was awash in fresh technical ideas. Things that users might benefit from in regard to music consumption products and features. Some smaller ideas, some potentially profound ideas that would require some expertise that I currently do not possess but could help direct.

With such ideas, one needs to think like a watch-maker. There are layers of gears, springs, jewels, interactions, and design that power the entire function as a single composed machine. All of the parts working in harmony in order to produce singular results. The same as technical-powered ideas. One needs to think through the layers, to see how the entire cake can be composed – all before assembling any ingredients.

I am searching for a role with like-minded and talented individuals – each with their own ideas, strengths, and wisdom – in order to design, research, plan, and iterate some of these kind of ideas. Some might prove to only be somewhat beneficial, which is okay. Some of them could really shake up the landscape of their associated implementation field.

The “what ifs” and just as important as the “let’s try it and see if it can work.”

I’m doing my best to get to that place again, and to lean HARD into the space and kick tires, push boundaries, develop ideas into sparks that can ignite incredible advances in personal capability. To bring the joy.

Making things that people love.

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