Soylent is my required nerd food

Yummy + caffeine

Given our mornings at our house, I usually need to get moving without having to prepare and eat something at the table. This equates to consuming something behind the wheel of my vehicle. Now, truth be told, mornings are my jam when considering how much work I get done in the morning.

For whatever reason those couple of hours before lunch are super productive to me. So I try to get into my office as early as I can. They are gold.

I can’t worry about dribbling butter coming out of an english muffin, the ghastly nasty of breakfast bars, or other such things. Enter Soylent. I usually have time to make a tea or a coffee – which is required for me. But I don’t always have the time. To reach into the garage refrigerator and pull out a bottle of sweet take-care-of-it-ness is choice.

I have been a subscriber to Soylent original (24 a month) for a long time. I usually run out a few days before my subscription arrives, but I can’t justify buying 36 bottles a month. I’d be happy, but I’m alright without it. Now, I tried Coffiest and others several times and I really liked it. Plus it replaces my need to brew and carry a coffee each morning. I drink a ton of coffee, so caffeine is my friend.

I have now come up with my list of Soylent variants in this order. Do you care? You might not. But based on needs and flavors, this is how I break it down.

  1. Coffiest
  2. Original
  3. Cacao
  4. Nectar

I wish I could add a six pack to my subscription, I’d get 24 Coffiest & 6 Original.

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