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My PAW1300T-7V Finally Synced!

Living on the east coast of the United States (outside Boston), I had a slim hope that my Casio Protrek PAW1300T-7V would ever receive a signal from Colorado. A night went by when I...

Gerlach Enigma oops 0

Gerlach Enigma oops

So I thought I had damaged the outer ring of my watch because I saw some bubbles appear around it (very small). Turns out that there was still a protective plastic cover on that...

G. Gerlach Enigma with diver’s bracelet 0

G. Gerlach Enigma with diver’s bracelet

It took me an email with G. Gerlach and about 20 minutes of using their supplied spring bar tool to install. It’s a sun blasted stainless steel (316L type) at 22mm. The tool Gerlach...

Watch water resistance explained. 0

Watch water resistance explained.

You’re looking at getting a new watch and you want to know what you can do with it in regards to the elements, recreational swimming, etc. Here are some tips.

Getat PAM homage arrived. 0

Getat PAM homage arrived.

After some time of waiting and finding my Hong Kong tracking number didn’t work and getting a new transaction produced, delivery from Hong Kong with a working tracking number took about 4 days total....

Getat Shipping SNAFU 0

Getat Shipping SNAFU

Homage watches in general produce a lot of furious back and forth in the watch world. Some people think that getting an inspired piece for far less which maintains the character of a much...

Daily watch beater: Seiko SKX013K2 to G. Gerlach Enigma 0

Daily watch beater: Seiko SKX013K2 to G. Gerlach Enigma

When not wearing my Apple Watch or more more expensive pieces, my daily beater has been a great Seiko SKX013K2 diver. Automatic, Day, Date, sweeping second hand, incredible lume, and 200m water resistance. This...