Getat Shipping SNAFU

Homage watches in general produce a lot of furious back and forth in the watch world. Some people think that getting an inspired piece for far less which maintains the character of a much more expensive watch. Others view that as blasphemy and if you want a watch, get the real thing. Homage watches are not replicas – they do not mention the name of the brand they aspire to in their design and presentation. From far away you wouldn’t know the difference. And that’s the crux of the problem.

Anyway, I bit on a PAM homage a while ago – knowing I can’t slap down that kind of cash with the kids in school, moving, about to get new automobiles, etc. I wanted to see what it felt like to sport it – and it has 100m water resistance so I figured it could be worn as a beater. I decided to order from Getat in Hong Kong.

Silly me. A month later (more now) I emailed and told him that my tracking number still did not work. At this point I gave up all hope. I was told that he updated Paypal and to check it out. He cancelled my previous purchase and then put it through again – and gave me a new tracking number. That one actually works. I think he may have forgotten to actually ship anything – lest I get two watches in the post eventually?

I am pretty upset at this point and wrote the whole thing off in my mind. With a G. Gerlach Enigma on it’s way from the motherland, I know which watch will be my beater. If the PAM homage ever arrives I’ll be quite surprised. Let’s go Polish Post 🙂

Update for Jun 23, 2016 (post).

Getat came through after a what seems to be a dropped ball. Or a bad tracking number. Since he sent a new watch, it makes me think that the first shipment email from Getat was false. After an order and try to forget situation, a great watch arrived. Already received one comment on it today about how nice it was (from someone who knows nothing about watches).

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