Cœur de Pirate – Roses

CDPROSES-540pxAlbum artwork by Hsiao Ron Cheng. 

For some strange reason I’m sometimes drawn to music in languages that I don’t fully understand. Take Édith Piaf for instance. Her voice is soothing, melodic, and sometimes bird-like. In a language I studied for a few years in high school. Which means it turns into background entrancement for me. And if I’m in the mood, I love it.

Cœur de Pirate (Pirate heart) – her real name being Béatrice Martin, from Montreal, sings mostly in French. She’s created a rejuvenation in French music (la chanson française). She’s quite young and covered in tattoos. You wouldn’t think she would perform the type of music that she does. And that’s part of what’s so awesome about her.

Anyway, I’ve been following her a bit for a while. Her work has been catchy and fun and transports me into manufactured nostalgia. It’s been great – until her latest album hit not too long ago. It has both English and French versions of some songs, her voice sounds as effortless as ever, and the song writing and compositions seem so much more mature.

It’s probably odd that I’m posting this to my blog was is quite technology-heavy. I’d like to spread the word and share her music.

Roses (Deluxe) @Apple Music.

  1. Carry On 03:35
  2. Crier Tout Bas 04:21
  3. I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart (feat. Allan Kingdom) 04:05
  4. Drapeau Blanc 03:24
  5. Undone 03:12
  6. Oceans Brawl 05:10
  7. Our Love 02:44
  8. Cast Away 03:16
  9. Tu Oublieras Mon Nom 03:13
  10. The Way Back Home 03:43
  11. Oublie-Moi 03:36
  12. Can’t Get Your Love 03:29
  13. The Climb 03:17
  14. Oceans Brawl (Ash Workman Version) 02:47

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