How to guarantee to lose that great shot

Tonight as I drove home having picked up dinner at Lotus Flower, I pulled to the side of the road. A nice sunset, a great amount of clouds. Light hitting some fluffy cattails. I took my camera with me as I ventured into the woods to the side, finding an old, abandoned road decades old and long out of use. I followed this to the water’s edge. What a frame, a good composition. I would need to bracket and HDR the image as the sky was bright, yet much lay in shadow below. I bracketed the shots and pressed the play button on my camera.

No card.

Ah, crap. I had my camera set to be able to shoot without a card, which was sitting in my card reader attached to my computer at home. And of course I didn’t have my camera bag with me at the time. I had merely thrown my tripod and camera into the car and took off since I was getting take-out.

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