Flash CS5 beachballing for me suddenly…

I have been using Adobe Flash CS5 for some time now and I really like the IDE. I’ve paired it with Flash Builder 4 and I have been having tons of fun. However, yesterday I installed the AIR 2 release candidate and now when I launch Flash CS5 I get the beachball and after some time it crashes for me.

I have no idea if the SDK has anything to do with this, I’d venture to say that it has nothing to do with this problem. I am repairing permissions (mainly for the heck of it) and will try a restart to see if that helps. Right now I am handicapped as a project I am working on is using the CS5 FLA file format and I can’t use CS4 to open it up.

Update: A restart seemed to fix everything up for me. However a bug report was dispatched to Adobe, so let’s see if they find anything that can be included in any forthcoming patches.

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