Quick Medal of Honor Review

No spoilers. The campaign is very rich, lush, and the lingo and voice acting are excellent. For the most part enemy AI isn’t too bad, but at times can get stuck standing around waiting for you to pop them in the pan. Also after a while I felt like I was merely shooting targets at a carnival… lined up waiting to be knocked down. The scenery changes but the effect is about the same. Crouch, zip zip zip in a horizontal path and you’re about done. Your comrades will take the others down. Looks pretty cool. Sounds great. Plays so-so. It is fun.

Online. Hmm. It’s not bad, but it’s not close to MW2. Not even half as good. I don’t know why this is. It doesn’t feel as smooth. The maps are meh. The weapons don’t exactly feel very good. If you don’t have a copy of MW2 around, or Halo Reach, it will do.

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