Smacked in the face with an heirloom

High school. A group of friends who listened to nothing but Led Zeppelin for an entire summer. Procuring illegal adult beverages from “Joe D.” – a cook at a local Perkins Restaurant who would run out during work to buy the stuff, after he ate something off of returned plates from busboys. A campfire set up behind a local grade school, nestled tightly in a decent patch of woods. A “boom box” and a few cassette tapes… one which had Johnny Cash’s “The Ring of Fire” on it.

We’d all gather around the roaring blaze, and initiate the evening with a toast to that very song. And then bust out the LowenbraĆ¼ Special Dark, Michelob, etc. and jam to Led Zeppelin. Only on week nights.

We had shirts made up, and I was into pen & ink at the time. And Tolkien of course. I drew the board up and we got the shirts (white with baseball black sleeves). I quickly forgot all about it.

Today I checked Facebook, and the wife of one of my friends from that era changed her profile picture… to a photograph of the image on that board. “Flip” still has that board after all these many years. Hilarious!

Without any further ado:

This was emblazoned on the front of our shirts.

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