An LED flash timings tool

Someday, possibly, there may come a time when you need (or would like) to see LED behavior before committing to timings in code. This could be for real or for simulated LEDs or the blinking behavior of basically any UI element you may need to control.

It’s not rocket science, but I created a tool to help you determine timings that you find appropriate or satisfying. As a tool it’s mildy useful. I needed something like this and instead of playing with settings in hardware or software until it felt right, I used this same tool until I got numbers I liked. Granted, the accuracy of this thing isn’t perfect but it’s close enough.

  • The range of each slider is 50 ms to 3000 ms in steps of 25 ms
  • On = the time that the LED remains lit
  • Off = the time taht the LED remains unlit

Update: I adjusted the tool so that it works in a desktop browser but also on a reduced width screen (such as an iPhone) and doing this also fixed a problem where the tool was preventing proper viewing on a smaller screen.


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