The new flickr is wonderful.

Today in my Twitter stream I saw mention of a new flickr layout and a free 1TB of storage. I checked it out as soon as I saw the news and my jaw dropped a little bit. Awesome. Blog post.

I had let my paid account lapse as I wasn’t it using it enough to warrant the expense. I love photography but the organization of it was something I didn’t always have the time to do. The free 1TB space is intriguing – and needed – since flickr now supports full resolution images if you plan on placing images of that quality in flickr. Video as well. The free part is the kicker – and is a main reason why I’ll be coming back to flickr.

The new design is very photo-centric which makes more sense – before flickr didn’t really have that vibe. Now it sings and puts images at the forefront. A very welcome bit of hard work there. The new slideshow mode with Ken Burns is a nice touch.

I don’t have the Flickr iPhone application, but I should check that out too.

Thanks Yahoo!


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