This Friday. BT #ASAW.

This Friday has epic written all over it. BT’s A Song Across Wires (#ASAW) drops. BT mentioned the tracklisting on his Facebook account in this post. He replies to a lot of people there in regards to tracks, etc. An entertaining read as far as FB comments go. This is definitely going to be more of an electronic dance release. If you’ve heard any of this new album, it’s sick.

I’ve pre-ordered the album on iTunes (the Apple ecosystem rocks for me).┬áIt should hit your device on the 15th around 11:30ish. It seems pre-orders come in a little early for me anyway. So on Friday when I get to work, the bits will be waiting for me. Then after work they will be on the sandy road with me.

Download on iTunes. (pre-order for now)

A Song Across Wires is the ninth studio album by composer and electronica artist BT, which is set to be released on August 16, 2013. This album features more vocal tracks as part of his alternate instrumental and vocal album productions. The album will consist of 12 songs (along with a continuous mix of the original versions of these songs), and will be released in both digital and physical copies. On the album, BT collaborates with singers and producers of his previous album, These Hopeful Machines, such as Christian Burns and Jes Brieden, as well as new ones, such as Arty, Nadia Ali, Aqualung, tyDi and more.

The official tracklisting:

  • Skylarking
  • Letting Go
  • Tomahawk
  • City Life
  • Stem The Tides
  • Tonight
  • Love Devine
  • Surrounded
  • Vervoeren
  • Calling Your Name
  • Must Be The Love
  • Lifeline

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