WatchOS 2.2.2 Debug Symbols A.W.O.L.

WatchOS 2.2.2 Debug Symbols A.W.O.L.


On Jul 18th Apple released several operating system updates. WatchOS 2.2.2 was one of those released updates. Four days ago.

Since installation I have been unable to debug watch extensions on my real device since Xcode looks for, attempts to install, and fails to install WatchOS 2.2.2 debugging symbols.

I have filed Radar # 27470205. Other developers have as well. Here is a thread about the situation on Apple’s developer forum (under Xcode/iOS Simulators and Devices). Here is a StackOverflow question about the situation.

So far there are no answers or solutions for this situation. I don’t know what is going on at Apple, but it would be nice if one person spent a few minutes and posted the DMG up so Xcode could consume and apply the debugging symbols. I know they are jamming on the Fall releases, but there has to be a DMG somewhere for the symbols right?

Relegated to debug in the Simulators.

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