Quick & Easy JavaScript/PHP CMS

Quick & Easy JavaScript/PHP CMS

I needed to create a website where I could update multiple pages worth of content remotely. It’s a travel blog. I could use WordPress to do this out of the gate, but I wanted to get away from the whole commoditized theme look and feel. Something where I have more control without customizing a lot.

So I created a site structure with multiple pages (one per travel day – ahead of time). Each of those PHP pages has a PHP include for the guts of the content for that day. For example

Easy peasy. That PHP file contains HTML of the contents. So for each day there is a file to include. Each one could contain a lot of information, so I didn’t want to do run down the dynamic population route too far.

So that part is easy. What about editing/adding content to the PHP files remotely? Enter an admin page.

The admin page has a drop-down menu of all the PHP include files. The first one it automatically loaded into a textarea control. You can select different pages and load them into the textarea with some JavaScript.

Easy too. However JavaScript can’t write back to the files, so we POST the text to a PHP script page and that writes to the file (filename and contents are posted).

Easy again. The PHP script takes the variables and uses them to save the data. So with a little PHP and a little JavaScript, we have a CMS system. It’s not robust but rather lightweight. And I have full control over all aspects of how things look, feel, and operate.

Something to consider to avoid the continued WordPress onslaught.


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