A funny trip to the Apple Store

I purchased the iPhone X when it first came out and I’ve been loving it. I had a screen protector applied at the store as well as a silicone case. I’ve since dropped the phone many times – even on a stone tiled bathroom floor. No issues at all, which amazed me. Yes, I have Apple Care+ on it, so I am not as careful as I should be.

About a month ago we were getting out of the car, and I had my phone in my lap. I swung to the side, extended my legs, and got out of the car. My phone went flying and landed in the parking lot that was full of gravel. My phone had seen much worse, so I was surprised when I picked it up that the bottom left corner of the phone had shattered a bit. A few spider lines reached across the display to the right.


I booked an appointment at the nearest Apple Store (from which I just returned) and figured I would be out a few hours while it was replaced. When I arrived, I was quickly told that this was my lucky day. The Apple guy peeled my protector off, and all the cracks were in it. My screen was pristine.

I forgot that the protector was Belkin InvisiGlass. I had it replaced with the new 0.29mm version. The previous was 0.21mm. It had served it’s purpose, but this new one is supposed to be much nicer.

Whew. I was relieved but also a little embarrassed. 🙂

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