Opinion. Siri and HomeKit

Prior to the HomePod software version 16.3.1, I was able to make Siri requests of various types without problem. In fact, sometimes Siri picked me up too well from adjacent rooms and would answer from them even though I was not near enough to hear. I actually think it might be a decent design to allow for responses to blanket HomePod speakers so it renders everywhere.

I know, that could be annoying for others not present in the current context based on their location. For instance someone listening to their own content suddenly getting a response to a question they didn’t ask or hear to begin with. I digress.

Today Apple has released 16.3.2 and I pray it addresses an issue I started to have with 16.3.1 – and that is having to ask an original HomePod twice to respond to a question or to a command. The first request, when made with plenty of clarity and volume, would simply be dropped and requiring a second query.

I have no idea why – but I think someone might have dialed something back based on feedback that Siri was listening too closely? I can’t say, but previously I thought it was perfect. And now it’s not. I used voice control for playback, news questions, grouping, volume adjustments, etc. Its been wonderful.

Fingers crossed.

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