PeaK Design is starting to fill my house.

I started with a Peak Design Everyday backpack – because I didn’t want to use my Osprey bags for my laptop and other items any more – I looked like a mountaineer and it didn’t work well enough for a laptop in my opinion. And throw a camera into the mix and I felt it wasn’t a sturdy solution. I do have a Timbuk2 messenger bag from my Flash development days that works pretty well, but I wanted a 2-strap solution.

Then I got a Peak Design camera clip. For the strap on my Canon bag. I still prefer it over the Peak Design bag since it’s made to hold lenses and a camera properly in my opinion. But then I got a Peak Design tech pouch, and I am looking at a Peak Design tripod. I had no idea they had so many products. Buy once for more than cheap for even more still.

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