Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Soap & Oil

I’ve been wet-shaving for over twenty years now, and I have tried many soaps and oils – thinking that there is always a better experience around the corner. Or from another store.

I recently tried a few Proraso tubs of soap (green and the white) and I was very disappointed in how they performed. Now, using a new soap often requires that you get to know the idiosyncrasies of the product before you get a good use from it. In regard to the Italian offering, I tried several times with several brushes and different amounts of water to whip it up in my custom shaving bowl. It never got. much better. 

Taylors of Old Bond Street is creamy before you put a brush to it, so already it has a huge advantage over most other soaps out there. I chose Sandalwood because I found a bottle of Sandalwood pre-shave oil that I wanted to try and I didn’t want to mix scents. 

Within seconds using my Whipped Dog silver tip badger I had plenty of awesome cream, enough for five or six passes if I decided to spend that kind of time on my face. Usually you want to keep your passes to three or less because otherwise you’re inviting some irritation by continued shaving over the same areas. With this soap, decent technique, and a fairly fresh blade – I don’t think you would have to worry very much. 

So I made the mistake of trying something other than a top-tier English soap like TOBS. I have Truefitt & Hill, Trumper’s, Castle Forbes, etc. and they are ALL amazing to use and remove any frustration or long delay in preparing your lather. Other brands will come and go, but these English companies have no equal in my opinion.

Taylor of Old Bond Street.

I visited TOBS and Truefitt and Hill when in London, and while the stores are fairly small, I was completely captivated visiting. They serve as small. temples of gentleman respite. I took photos and the employees must have thought I was off my chum. When I return, I’ll visit again. This time wearing slacks and not jeans.

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