A serious case of camera envy

This weekend my wife and I were in Newport, Rhode Island with some friends. We had a very relaxing time and visited a mansion we hadn’t been to before. Nearly everywhere we went I saw pro-level lenses and bodies. For the most part that is to be expected.

However I started to see older folk whipping out 5D Mark II cameras… people you wouldn’t expect to see holding a point and shoot camera, let alone a DSLR. I swear I saw an older woman pull one out of her purse… I have no idea how she fit it in there.

I came away with some decent photos of my own (although there was a lot of fog on Saturday), but also a serious case of camera envy.

One thought on “A serious case of camera envy

  1. Tell me about it! Walking around London you see folks taking the most boringly composed photos, with fancy new SLR’s! It’s bloody nuts!!

    And I’m bloody envious of them too 😉

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