Photoshop CS5 – I thought I was losing my mind…

I use Photoshop on a nearly daily basis and I have been for many years. It’s awesome. However I was pulling my hair out for MONTHS because something in CS5 wasn’t working like I was used to before. Normally I’ll have many files open at the same time. And because I may drag items from one file to another, I’ll use the Arrange Documents feature.

Now, how it was setup before was that the layout would be setup with drag bars (split view) between the arranged documents… and I love this. However in CS5 every time I opened multiple documents and tried to arrange, each was in it’s own OS X window… arranged yes, but no split view. I looked all over the place to see how to properly set that up. Did I have some extra crap on my drive that broke this somehow? Nope. Some Preference? Nope. I even thought about re-installing the application.

After a lot of searching, I slapped myself in the forehead. Hard. But you might run into this too. Under Window is an option called Application Frame. Make sure that’s checked. It changes the behavior of how Arrange Documents works. And now things are back to normal in the Dolecki Design Haus. F***!

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